Puzzles and brain teasers

Welcome to toppuzzle.eu, a site with puzzles and brain teasers for different levels, from the most easy ones to the very difficult. All puzzles have solutions or final results (result without demonstration). This way you can always check if you have the right answer or understand the logic mechanism of the puzzle. Most of the puzzles that are proposed here are logical puzzles and only need reasoning to solve them. On the other hand, some of them, mainly the most difficult ones, require some math knowledge. There are also some puzzles that require practical reasoning for resolution.

The site is easy to understand and use, it has a few pages, corresponding to the difficulty levels of the puzzles (very easy, easy, medium difficulty, difficult and very difficult). The solutions to the puzzles are well explained and easy to understand. Some solutions have images included in order to help you understand the solution.

The site is ideal for stimulating logical reasoning.
Try now our puzzles to test your reasoning skills !